2022 Year in Review: Designer Desktops

That’s a wrap on another year of Designer Desktop – one of our oldest columns, dating back to 2010! We always look forward to changing out our desktop wallpapers on our phones and laptops every month with fresh designs. If you missed any of them, check out the 12 designers + brands we featured this year and download the wallpapers for free!

January 2022 desktop wallpaper

January 2022 by Hamburg-based illustrator and artist Helena Ravenne \\\ DOWNLOAD

February 2022 by Netherlands-based visual designer Jerry-Lee Bosmans /// DOWNLOAD

march 2022 wallpaper

March 2022 by Chasing Paper in collaboration with new York-based designer and artist Shadé Akanbi \\\ DOWNLOAD

April 2022 desktop

April 2022 by Brett Design, a brand by Brett Beldock who’s a former fashion designer turned product designer \\\ DOWNLOAD

designer desktop may 2022 diptyque

May 2022 by luxury brand diptyque from their first ever wallpaper collection \\\ DOWNLOAD

tree trunk wallpaper

June 2022 by 3form from their woodland-inspired Graphic Patterns Collection \\\ DOWNLOAD

desktop wallpaper of blue, black, and white pattern

July 2022 by DTC paint and wall coverings brand Backdrop \\\ DOWNLOAD

rug wallpaper

August 2022 by Qatar-born, Lebanon-raised, current New Yorker Ahmad AbouZanat of PROJECT AZ \\\ DOWNLOAD

black and white wallpaper

September 2022 by Emi Young, Principal and Founder of Brooklyn-based studio Abundant Habitat \\\ DOWNLOAD

red graphic desktop wallpaper

October 2022 by Society of Wonderland, a Brooklyn-based studio founded by digital artist Stephanie Eventov \\\ DOWNLOAD

blue gradient wallpaper

November 2022 by Portland-based artist, Jessica Poundstone \\\ DOWNLOAD

Jill Malek December 2022 designer desktop

December 2022 by Jill Malek, a New York-based design studio \\\ DOWNLOAD

As the Lifestyle editor, Vy Yang is obsessed with discovering ways to live well + with intention through design. She's probably sharing what she finds over on Instagram stories. You can also find her at