DMTV Milkshake: Incorporating Unexpected Details in Homes + Ice Cream Shops

12.15.22 | By
DMTV Milkshake: Incorporating Unexpected Details in Homes + Ice Cream Shops

For our last regular season Milkshake of the year, we’re joined by the genius interior designer for residential and commercial spaces: Andee Hess, founder of the Portland-based Osmose Design.

This video is shot inside one of her residential projects: the home of Allie Furlotti, the comedian and philanthropist. It’s a glamorous, gorgeous space, with myriad ingenious touches. “She’s a friend of mine, and this is her home,” Andee tells us. “We’ve been doing it in numerous phases over the years.” Among the shared details: a glorious velvet-upholstered seating unit and a table sculpted by Justin Harris – one of Hess’s high school classmates and a member of the band Bloc Party. “He sculpted this ridiculous thing, which we call the Turtle Pie Pizza. It just kind of developed as a collaboration with Allie and we love that.” Elsewhere she shares a refrigerator handle filled with miniature figures (including Oreos!) and a hidden spice rack accessible by a beautiful vintage pull.

Andee Hess dining room

Photo: Robbie Augspurger

Andee Hess commercial space design

Also in this Milkshake: We asked Hess for the person, living or dead, she’d most like to collaborate with. Jim Henson, she says: “Anything with the Muppets would be amazing – just the amount of unbridled creativity, the fantasy and escape, but also all of the inventive things that they are, that he was able to accomplish.” Also on her list: fashion brand Proenza Schouler and Hermès. “I’m a big fan of Hermès Home, and I like what they do at Milan every year – I’d love to work on an installation like that. Some fashion overlap would be really fun. The programming for those experiences is always exciting and limitless.”

For more news from Andee – including a preview of her work with the Portland Art Museum’s Center for an Untold Tomorrow – tune in!

Andee Hess design

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